Alpa 11.50

16 Kg Kobra 2 Anchor Test

The main anchor on Faïal is currently a 16kg Britany that came with the boat when I bought her. Unfortunately due to its long shaft, it does not fit in the anchor locker and I have to leave it on the anchor roller when sailing and lay it on the deck if I am tied up to a buoy (this is so that its sharp edges do not cut through the mooring lines). It is also widely recognised that the holding power of new anchor designs is widely superior compared to the traditional Britany and CQR.

The Kobra 2 seemed like it could be an attractive alternative. In a recent test by the French sailing magazine Voile et Voilier, it’s holding power was more than double that of the Britany. It came second overall in the magazine’s test, just behind the Spade S80. It is also one of the more reasonably priced new generation anchors.

I was thus very glad to have the opportunity to borrow one and test it out on Faïal.

The Kobra can fit in the Alpa 11.50’s anchor locker, but getting it in there is far from easy… You need to put the anchor back to front and upside down and insert it at just the right angle…. Once in there another problem becomes apparent: the Kobra has an extremely sharp point, and its easy to imagine it piercing the hull if it was bouncing around in the anchor locker in a heavy sea. Nearly all modern generation anchors have similar sharp often weighted tips in order to improve their setting ability, so this problem is not specific to the Kobra 2. I am planning to fit some kind of restraint for the anchor in the anchor locker to avoid such a hull piercing scenario. Another concern is the angle of the shaft and anchor head compared to the angle of the boat’s bow. The Kobra 2 does fit on the anchor roller without touching the hull but only just. There is a distinct possibility of the anchor’s sharp point hitting the bow and scratching paint work if one was raising it in windy or choppy conditions…

The Spade S80 anchor’s dimensions are 78 x 33 x 40 cm compared to the Kobra 2 ‘s 83 x 37 x 38 cm. It is thus a little bit more compact than the Kobra. In fact it is the most compact anchor of this class that I’ve found. I’m hoping to be able to borrow one to try on Faïal. I believe it might be a better choice than the Kobra 2.