I am restoring Faïal, an Alpa 11.50. It’s an Italian built boat from the project board of Sparkman and Stephens. Cruising World described the Alpa 11.50 as “a sleek, handsome, strongly built, aft cockpit sloop designed for cruising or ocean racing”. The Italian sailing magazine Giornale del la Vela listed the Alpa 11.50 as one of it’s 50 mythical boats – describing it as a “timeless classic” - a boat with classic lines that is “always fast and pleasant to govern, thrilling even the most demanding sailor”.

The Alpa 11.50 is actually 11.56 metres long, 3.20 metres wide, and draws 1.85 metres. It weighs 6.2 tons and has a semi-long encapsulated keel with a very large water tank directly above it, which allows to increase the ballast and is great for cruising. You can find the plan here

Faïal is the name of an Island in the Azores archipelago.

I bought Faïal in Leucate, which is on the French Mediterranean coast and sailed her back to Falmouth (UK) single handed, which has allowed me to get to know the boat and plan her restoration.

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