Alpa 11.50

ALPA 11.50 Sail Plan

The original and I.O.R. sail plans for the Alpa 11.50. Note difference in the mainsails on the two different plans. The foot of the IOR mainsail being much shorter.

The cut of the jib is also interesting: the foot is cut in such a way that the clew corresponds to the goose neck of the boom. This is typical of S&S designs of that area like the Swan 36 or the Sagitta 35. On the later S&S Swans (37 and 38) the jib clews are slightly lower than the boom…

Original Sail Plan


I.O.R. Sail Plan


IOR Sail Dimensions

SailFootLuffLeechAreaCloth Weight
Genoa 1 (Light)7.84013.50013.00053.5142
Genoa 2 (Intermediate)7.10012.70012.24042.3325
Genoa 3 (Heavy)6.38012.04011.20035.4325
Storm Jib3.6407.1205.4209.5340
Wide Spin Staysail7.8407.1208.70026.275
Spinnaker8.96014.09014.090Max IOR45
Max Sail Area74.5    

IOR Rating Measurements

Foretriangle I = 13.200 J = 4.940 Area = 32.6 m2

Mainsail P = 11.500 E = 3.270 Area 18.8 m2

Total Sail Area 51.40 m2