Alternative Antifouls - Witches' Brew

This type of antifouling paint attracts a wide variety of sailors:

The traditionalist, he owns a wooden boat and harks back to more traditional times when sailors would make their own antifoul from tar… A disciple of Tim Severin who tried to replicate medieval antifoul by mixing lime with mutton fat on his Sinbad Voyage…. He will gladly discuss his latest recipe with you over a pint of real ale and will describe how adding chilly powder to his mixture proved disappointing last year.

The farmer, this man has access to real herbicides and pesticides which he will mix with house paint bought at a local box store. If he is adventurous he might try adding antibiotics to his deadly concoction. If he is French he might refer to it affectionately as bouillie bordelaise and claim that the recipe was handed down by his grandfather to his father…. The stuff is so effective that he has not hauled out his boat for the last five years. Local anglers never fish next to his boat…. Make sure you are not next to him at the boatyard.

The sorcerer’s apprentice, impressed by the perfect bottom of the farmer’s boat, this budding chemist will have tried to formulate his own antifoul. To his dismay some kind of precipitation occurred when he was adding ingredients to his paint – turning it a very peculiar colour. You will spot him on the hard mid-season repainting his boat with a big brand antifoul.

The meddler – the complex chemistry of modern paint is not for this simple soul. Starting from a more is better principle – he will try to add extra copper powder to commercially bought antifoul…