America's Cup

What makes America's Cup Boats Fly?

There are a lot of things hidden inside America’s Cup boats to allow them to fly:

  • 100,000+ lines of code to program the foil control systems (Artemis Racing)
  • Between 300 (Groupama) and 450 sensors (Oracle Team USA) analyzing 3000 variables ten times per second
  • 144 electronic commands (Groupama) to operate the wings and foils
  • 360 m of electrical wiring (Groupama)
  • 200 m of hydraulic pipes (Groupama)

Sensors calculating foil angle on Oracle Team USA

Each day on the water produces a mountain of data which is then analysed by shore based engineering teams. Oracle Team USA collects 1 Terrabyte of data per day, according to Ian “Fresh” Burns, the performance director for Team USA . According to BT, their sponsor, Land Rover BAR sendsa more modest “16GB of uncompressed data, high definition video, images and audio” back to Mission Control in Portsmouth every day.