Antifouling - My Choice for the 2017 Season

I’ve decided to use Seatec Standard Pro Antifouling on Faïal this year. I’m planning to sail a lot this upcoming Season, maybe up to the Baltic. So self-eroding antifoul is a good choice. Because I’m planning ahead and I know how much antifoul I need – I don’t have to buy locally – and I’ve been able to consider a wider range of options…

I’ve decided to go for Seatec for a couple of reasons.

Seatec antifouling generally has pretty good reviews in online forums. It’s a white label antifoul sold by German online chandlery SVB. It’s likely to be made by one of the big German coating companies (5 of the 10 biggest European coatings companies are German). And because it’s German and because SVB has pretty large market share – it’s likely to be a pretty reasonable product.

I think the Seatec antifoul is likely to perform well, but I’d be dishonest if I didn’t admit that price is the biggest factor in my choice.

Using Seatec anfifoul, Faïal needs 3.6 litres per coat – 7.2 litres for two coats . That’s three 2.5 litres tins of antifoul. The tins are 58.95 Euros , so that is 176.85 Euros. I will also be picking a tin of Seatec thinner at 13.95 Euros. And 5 tins of primer ( I theoretically need 5.125 tins of primer– I am hoping to get away with five) – which will add another 74.75 Euros. So the total budget for paint is 265.55 Euros.

Let’s contrast this with using International Micron Extra EU from my local Uship ship chandler. They try to sell the 2.5 litres tin at the barely believable price of 181 Euros a tin . I would need 9.1 litres for two coats as the coverage of Micron Extra isn’t quite as good. So that would be three 2.5 l tins, plus two 750ml at 63.50 each, or 670 Euros. Adding 5.5 litres of Primocon primer, two 2.5 l tins at 87 Euros each and one 750 ml tin at 30.70 Euros, adds another 204.70 Euros. And 1 litre of International thinner No. 3 adds another 16.20 Euros. For a total of 890 Euros.

That is a difference of 625 Euros ! On an old boat like Faïal, which I am not racing, I can think of a lot of better ways of spending 625 Euros than on slightly better bottom paint…