Bare-bones Sail Inventory for Racing

Yesterday, I discussed the numerous insights shared by Kame Richards when discussing a new sail wardrobe for Bill Schaefer’s Cal 40. He went on to recommend a minimal sail inventory that Bill would need to start racing the boat in the waters of San Francisco bay.

CAD designed race sails for Cal 40

Here is his bare-bones sail inventory recommendations:

Sailing Upwind

  • A new main and genoa, both ideally made with carbon sail cloth.
  • A No. 3 Jib (non-overlaping working jib). At around 95% overlap, this sail should pass just in front of the spreaders so that it can be sheeted in further inboard, compared to a bigger sail.
  • A very worthwhile addition to the Genoa and No. 3 Jib, would be a No 2 Jib with around 130%, maybe 135% overlap.

Sailing Downwind

  • A ¾ Oz. Spinnaker for true wind under 22 Knots.
  • A 1 ½ Oz. Spinnaker for heavy air

Specialised Sails for Offshore Racing

  • A jib top, a high-clewed headsail used for tight beam reaching.
  • A light running asymmetric spinnaker.

The initial 5 sails (Main, Genoa, No. 3, and 2 Spinnakers) should be added to over time to form a full racing sail wardrobe of 12-14 sails.