Clipping in from the Companionway

One of the winter jobs I have planned on Faial is to install a wichard folding pad eye in the cockpit. This is so that I can more easily clip in with a tether when getting out of the companionway into the cockpit. I currently clip on to the jacklines but they are not ideally positioned for this….

Risk of falling overboard is high when climbing out of the companionway

Watching this inspirational video from Christian Williams’s 2017 solo trip to Hawaii has also shown me a better way to clip in from the companionway. Christian leaves the tether attached to the boat rather than attached to his harness – this makes it much simpler and easier to clip in or unclip from inside the boat. It’s a great way to do it when sailing single handed.

Leaving the tether attached to the boat rahter than your harness