• America's Cup
  • Why Oracle Team USA will win the America's Cup

    Oracle Team USA testing boat in a wind tunnel

    The America’s cup is essentially an engineering and design competition. And Oracle Team USA will win this competition because it has assembled an extraordinary group of technical sponsors to help them develop their boat. Each of the companies listed below is contributing major engineering expertise to Oracle ‘s campaign. The other team’s sponsors simply are not able to bring comparable technical expertise to bear.

  • America's Cup
  • What makes America's Cup Boats Fly?

    Sensors calculating foil angle on Oracle Team USA

    There are a lot of things hidden inside America’s Cup boats to allow them to fly:

    • 100,000+ lines of code to program the foil control systems (Artemis Racing)
    • Between 300 (Groupama) and 450 sensors (Oracle Team USA) analyzing 3000 variables ten times per second
    • 144 electronic commands (Groupama) to operate the wings and foils
    • 360 m of electrical wiring (Groupama)
    • 200 m of hydraulic pipes (Groupama)
  • Safety
  • Man overboard! Some tips for an effective rescue

    Floating smoke flare dropped to recue man overboard

    The CEPIM – (the European Centre for the Prevention of Incidents at Sea ) based in Crac’h in Brittany has produced a video about recovering a man overboard . Being able to locate the person in the water is key to an effective rescue and they have some good tips about how to increase the visibilty of the person whose fallen overboard. In their test rescues, they encountered various problems using a life sling which are described below .

  • Safety
  • Catapult Broach! 20 Knts to Dead Stop!

    Spinnaker Catapult Broach on a Pacer 27

    A great video showing a catapult broach on a Pacer 27 in Table Bay, South Africa. The boat is flying it’s asymetric spinnaker in a high wind and goes from blasting downwind at nearly 20 knots to a dead stop. The crew is sent tumbling by the huge g-force and the skipper is flung overboard.