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  • Should you thin antifouling paint?

    Proper application is key to getting the best result from any antifouling paint. There is some debate as to whether you should thin antifoul paint. Most manufacturer will tell you not do it, claiming that their antifoul are formulated to the optimum viscosity for their designed application thickness.

  • Yacht Design
  • Farr 25 OD - Outboard System

    The Farr 25 OD has an ingenious outboard system whereby a 6 HP outboard engine swings in and out on an articulated arm from a storage locker in the cockpit sole directly into the outboard well. It’s thus ready to go in a few seconds and you don’t have to haul it out of a locker and then fiddle trying to attach it to a bracket

  • Maintenance
  • Alternative Antifouls - Commercial and Navy Paint

    This paint might have fallen off the back of a lorry or been obtained through a friend of a friend that works in a boat yard or in the navy. It will always come in a stupidly large 10 or 20 litres tin. Very awkward to handle – it might be half price compared to a cheap yachting antifouling paint but you will be buying twice the quantity you need…