Prototypes in the Mini-Golfe 2017

There is unfortunately only one recently launched proto mini 6.50 in the Mini-Golfe 2017, the race which marks the start of the mini season. Arkema 3 is not competing. Andrea Fornaro’s Sideral is thus the only recent prototype competing. The boat has just been launched, and it marks a switch to the proto class by Andrea after a brief season competing an Ofcet 650 in the series class.

Sideral - Class Mini 6.50 Prototype - No 931

Andrea’s new boat is a new design by Etienne Bertrand who designed the Ofcet 650. It’s been built in Poland and tries to capitalize on the experience gained by both designer and sailor with the Ofcet. The philosophy remains the same: a simple and light-boat, with high-performance and relative ease of use. The boat has a canting keel, two asymetric daggerboards and a snubbed nose.